Master of MVPs

By Chris Traver, Rohit Biswas & Chris Vrabel

A data visualization of NBA, NHL, MLB, and NBA most valuable players (MVPs) between 2000-2015.


Begin by selecting a point on the map below. Different sports are represented by different icons, and the locations of each icon represent the hometown of that MVP.

You can zoom and pan using your mouse and the scroll wheel. You can also hover over a data point to view bio information about that MVP.

Next, click on an icon to load it into the detailed visualization below the map.

Overall Statistics

There are many surprising commonalities between NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL most valuable players. Here is a breakdown of some interesting trends.

Age & Salary Comparison

This graph explores the relationship between salary and a player's age at the time they were awarded MVP.
Hover over a datapoint to learn more about that MVP and use the interactive filters below to examine trends between different Colleges, Teams, and Sports.

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MVP Characteristic Distributions

This graph explores the relationships between a variety of different characteristics about MVPs at the time they were awarded MVP.
Use the toggles below to interact with the data. "Grouped" shows differences between individual sports, while "Stacked" shows cumulative trends for all sports combined.

Bar Arrangement

Data Category

Interesting Conclusions from Visualizations